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Burgers with a Side of Stuffed Rattler!

People are believed to have lived in New Mexico’s Jemez Valley since 2500 B.C.. and, in the village of Jemez Springs seems to keep one foot in the past and one in the present—telephone service only became available to residents in 1964! However, despite boasting fewer than four hundred permanent residents, the area receives approximately one million visitors each year.

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A Pitstop in Flagstaff

During my first visit to Flagstaff in 2001, I sniggered at the name Beaver Street, discovered chai, and embraced my inner artist by decorating a Friends style mug that I painted with a map of the United States featuring fifty-two states (at the time I was not living in this country nor apparently proficient in geography)! Since then, Flagstaff has functioned as little more than a crashpad to break up the drive between Santa Fe and Los Angeles. But, as the biggest city in Northern Arizona, it seemed only fair to give it a second look.

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Green Hotels: The Future of Tourism?

We’ve all seen those little signs in hotel rooms, urging us to consider the environment and reuse our towels. Perhaps you’ve entertained the cynical thought that, while saving water and energy is important, hotels are just looking out for their bottom line. To an extent, that’s true. But corporate citizenship is often closely allied with economic reward. So what if a towel/sheet reuse program saves a hotel $1.50 or more per guest room per day? The end result benefits the environment.

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