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Sedona: All Paths Lead to Oak Creek

I first visited Sedona almost fifteen years ago. My best friend and I were staying at the youth hostel in nearby Flagstaff and signed up for one-day tour of the town. As the coach disgorged us at a park in Sedona, my friend decided to join a hiking party to what our guide referred to as “a sexual vortex.” After a glance at the clear river waters, I knew how I would pass this sweltering summer day.

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The Albuquerque Zoo: A Photo Essay


Unlike many larger zoos, the 64-acre Albuquerque Zoo is set up to allow visitors close encounters with its residents. The facility, which opened in 1927, is simple to navigate and well maintained.

We visited in hopes of meeting the new baby hippo—instead we saw the mother’s formidable rear, which effectively shielded her offspring from gawkers. So instead, we introduced ourselves to the zoo’s other new additions: the Tasmanian Devils.

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The Port Isabel Lighthouse

Sixteen lighthouses originally guided sailors along the Texas shoreline. However, the lighthouse in Port Isabel is the only one still open to visitors. Peer through the metal grids of the stair treads, as you climb, for a view down that is almost as impressive as the panorama visible from the top!

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