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Volcanoes: New Mexico’s Explosive Past

Although Hawaii is the state that most people associate with volcanoes, New Mexico has an extensive and diverse array of them. In fact, it’s one of the best places on the North American continent to gain insight into volcanoes. And New Mexico’s fiery behemoths aren’t fully extinct—just dormant! Here are five (literal) hotspots.

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How to Eat Like a Local in New Mexico

An alarming number of Americans fail to grasp that New Mexico is one of the fifty states and not part of Mexico! There is enough confusion about the state’s role in the Union that New Mexico Magazine has a section specifically dedicated to such anecdotes. While locals roll their eyes when representatives explain that they don’t ship to international destinations, there is one aspect of New Mexican life that may seem foreign to those from out-of-state: cuisine. To avoid being pegged as a tourist, here are some tips for eating like a New Mexican. Continue reading