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Waxahachie: Waxa-what?

What is the correct way to say Waxahachie?

Waxahachie is pronounced ‘wahks’ not ‘wax,’ and it translates from the Native American language (most likely Wichita) as ‘cow creek.’

Main Street, Waxahachie
Main Street
This Texas town, which is home to 30,000 people, is renowned for its beautifully decorated Richardsonian Romanesque courthouse. Waxahachie is also known for its Gingerbread-style, Victorian homes. These houses are opened up for an annual tour, called the Gingerbread Trail.

Courthouse, Waxahachie
Waxahachie Courthouse
Hollywood must have also been as charmed by Waxahachie as we were. Places in the Heart and Tender Mercies, both Academy award-winning films, were shot here, along with The Trip to Bountiful and some of the Walker, Texas Ranger television series.

Waxahachie, Texas
Hike and Bike Trail, Waxahachie
Don’t miss the Calaboose, located on College Street near the Hike and Bike Trail. Calaboose comes from the Spanish word ‘calaboso’ and means dungeon or local jail. They are often found in the Southern and Western states. They were meant to hold a small number of prisoners for a short amount of time – usually awaiting transportation to a larger facility.

Calaboose, Waxahachie
This small red Calaboose was in use until 1904. After that, it was moved next to a small schoolhouse. The relocation seems appropriate, as students must have felt like prisoners once those warm spring days begin.

Calaboose, Waxahachie
College Street Pub, Waxahachie
Nearby is the College Street Restaurant and Pub, where you can receive an education about all things British – with a Texas twist. Portraits of Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II adorn the walls and Juliet verifies that the Coronation chicken is authentic. If you’re seeking comfort food, the sweet corn poppers, served with a ranch-style dipping sauce, are about as down home as it gets.

College Street Pub, Waxahachie
More of the charm of Waxahachie:

Waxahachie, Texas
City Park, Waxahachie
Waxahachie, Texas
Theatre, Waxahachie

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The Duo

We had to get out and walk around to discover how cute this small town is. It was a nice surprise. Thanks for stopping by!

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