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Austin Food Trucks: Gourmet on the Go: Part III

Did you read Part II of our special Austin Food Truck series?

Dessert on wheels… it’s a diet disaster in the making. Bring on the catastrophe.

La Boîte Café

[Update:  Closed as of April.]

It’s not strictly accurate to call La Boîte a food truck. As the name suggests, it is actually a box – specifically a recycled shipping container. The decision to house a café inside a metal tin was an ecological one; although the pastries served are so fresh and flaky that I’d believe the shipping container just arrived from France.

The menu is as petite as the café and features croissants, brioche, macaroons, sandwiches, coffee and iced tea. The almond croissant was heartier and less buttery than most, which we considered a plus. The fleur de sel macaroon was fresh, light and creamy and the orange blossom iced tea was floral without being overpowering.

We visited the location at 1700 S. Lamar Blvd (cross street Collier) where there is outdoor seating and dogs are allowed. However, there is also a second café at 1006 Congress Ave.

The Frigid Frog

The Frigid Frog is not unique to Austin or to Texas – these vans can be found in states such as Arizona, Washington and Kansas, to name a few. Given how hard it is to find authentic Hawaiian shaved ice on the mainland, this can only be a good thing. How is this different from your average snow cone? Well, the ice is shaved rather than crushed which gives it a smoother texture.

Frigid Frog is generous with the syrup servings and there are more than fifty different flavors and combinations to choose from – Lane recommends the black cherry. You can also pick up a bacon or chicken flavored doggie cone – half of the proceeds support animal shelters. None of the syrups contain high fructose corn syrup.

When your shirt is stuck to your back like a second skin, few things are more refreshing than shaved ice. You may need to tap on the closed window to get service. We suspect this is to keep the Austin heat from penetrating the blissfully cold truck interior. Can’t say we blame them.

The Frigid Frog is one of the trucks parked at 1603 S. Congress.

Mambo Berry

You can pick up sandwiches, salads and tamales, but let’s face it, you’re here for the frozen yogurt or smoothies. After all, Mambo Berry picked up the 2011 Critic’s Choice Award for best drink.

I opted for the classic strawberry limeade smoothie and added protein powder. There are various supplement powders available, including a multivitamin one and an immunity booster. I refuse to term drinks flavored with food dye and E numbers smoothies, but this is the real deal: it’s made from actual fruit and non-fat fro yo. The strawberry limeade was zesty and refreshing – a great lunch on a sweltering day.

Lactose intolerant? No need to despair. Mambo Berry will whip you up a dairy-free delicacy on request.

Mambo Berry is located at 801 Barton Springs Road, midway down the block between S. 1st and Bouldin Ave.

Lane & Juliet

The writing and photography team behind Southwest Compass, the travel blog for the American Southwest.


The Duo

It was an almond croissant. We won’t tell you have good it was. :o)

The Duo

Unfortunately, Santa Fe has joined the food truck revolution (post upcoming). One truck has the best soup. OMG. Thanks for stopping by!

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